About the guesthouse

A network of Guesthouses Kiska welcomes you to a new Guesthouse which is located right in the centre of the historical town, Levoca, which is a part of the UNESCO's World Heritage.
The buildings of the Guesthouse are former Burgher's houses at the prevailing Renaissance style. The old houses underwent extensive reconstruction indoors and outdoors in the period of 2012-2015. Such modern reconstruction made it a place which gives a new dimension of accommodation. There are also other parts of the Guesthouse which are available for guests and visitors, e.g. Café, Knight´s Bar, Wine room, Breakfast room etc. Essential part of our Guesthouse is an elevator, which makes it a perfect place to stay also for disabled people. From some rooms there is a beautiful view on the scenery of Levoca´s hills or place of pilgrimage called Marian hill, and from others you can see a peaceful life in the streets of the town.
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